These mini-documentaries are a sample of the type of video Messenger Media will freely produce for each missionary. Missionaries are encouraged to use the video on their website. Every missionary’s documentary will then be included in the promotional products found below. This is free to every missionary.

24 hr Christian missions TV show

missiON TV is a 24 hour missions program that will run on the Internet and continually broadcast the documentaries of missionary projects around the world. A link to each missionary’s website will be included. Also included will be the opportunity for related Christian businesses to advertise with the proceeds going to help Messenger Media to continue to publish, broadcast, and present what God is doing in the world today through His missionaries.

Ordinary Heroes DVD Library of Worldwide Christian Missions Projects

The “Ordinary Heroes” Missions Library, will be a comprehensive DVD library of documentaries that show the on-site accomplishments of Christian missionaries. The goal will be to distribute Ordinary Heroes to public libraries, Christian bookstores, Christian organizations, church denominations, churches, etc.

The Work of the Church: What God is Doing in the World Today

Non-Christians and Christians are able to see in almost immediate fashion, what God is doing through his missionaries, via “The Work of the Church,” a mission’s social networking website, akin to Facebook, with the site viewable to all, but only missionaries or their supporters are able to add videos, photos, audio, forums, blogs, articles, etc.