These mini-documentaries are a sample of the work Messenger Media has freely produced for missionaries




The following concept has been a long-time dream but is finally technologically possible with appropriate funding. It is best understood by thinking about how PBS presents material and Facebook makes possible social networking.

24 hr Christian missions TV show

A social network to provide networking for missions related individuals & groups, and presentation of the work of missionaries around the world. Included would be: 1) short documentaries of missions projects around the world. 2) a link to each missionary’s website. 3) donation option for people to contribute to the mission project of their choice. 4) missionaries have the option of posting photos, videos, comments, etc. to their section. 5) missions-related study & discussion materials that can be downloaded and used by churches, organizations & individuals for group or personal missions-related study & discussion. 6) opportunity for Christian businesses to¬†advertise with proceeds making possible the continuation of missionTV and a portion going to actual missions projects.