Each team member has spent considerable time working on the mission field.



AMBER (31) is a Christian, holds a master’s degree in counseling, is a licensed professional counselor, and has worked for Hospice and within Christian churches and ministries. Amber is MMI’s “boots on the ground” counselor/encourager to missionaries, and desires to spend her life helping missionaries through Messenger Media.

Nick - Messenger Media

NICK (21) is a Christian and is finishing his degree in Christian international business. Nick loves helping the needy, serving on the mission field, is multi-talented in day to day operations, and desires to give all his time and energy to working with missionaries through Messenger Media.


BROOKS (27) is a Christian and professional photographer on par with National Geographic photography. Brooks intends to spend his life photographing for God as he documents the work of missionaries around the world.


LAURA (51) is a Christian, the Secretary & Treasurer of Messenger Media, a former women’s ministries leader, a ministry bookkeeper, as well as team leader on many missions trips. Laura provides the logistical, social networking, and accounting “backbone” for Messenger Media. Laura desires to spend the rest of her life serving missionaries through Messenger Media.


DON (52) is a Christian and founder of Messenger Media. He holds multiple advanced certifications in advertising & public relations, a diploma in marketing communications, and over two decades of extensive background in advertising, marketing & public relations for government, private sector, and non-profit organizations. His experience includes concept, strategy, development, deployment, and management of many print, radio, television, and internet campaigns and project teams. Along with his missions work, Don has also served for over twenty years as a pastoral counselor in local neighborhood churches.

DR. JACK (70) is a Christian, holds a doctorate in theology, is the vice president of Messenger Media, and a long term pastor & missionary. He is the founder of a Bible institute in Russia, as well as a professor and college board member in the United States.


Messenger Media also has a cast of talented volunteers available to serve as needed.

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