Every day people suffer…

Photography by Brooks Potteiger

Every day people suffer around the world – Every day Christians do something about it.

Hidden from favor and applause, there are people who quietly spend their lives in little-known and desolate places, focused on just one thing…saving others. Messenger Media chronicles the lives of these people and their work. Our passion is to bring to the entire world an “encyclopedia” of the true stories of everyday people, the ordinary heroes we call missionaries, who sacrifice comfort, career, and certainty to bring hope to the oppressed, food to the hungry, clothing to the naked, healing to the sick, education to the unlearned, and the salvation and love of Christ’s to all.

Messenger Media Selected 100 Top Non-Profits

Messenger Media has been selected by Wildfire Studios as one of the top 100 non-profit organizations to receive benefits from their international “Give Back” program. Wildfire and their team will be working to raise awareness and funding on behalf of Messenger Media in 2011. “We were stunned when Wildfire contacted us. I had no idea they even knew who we were, let alone considered including us in their innovative “Give Back” initiative. We’re very grateful.” said Don Mondell, founder of Messenger Media. Another organization recently helped by Wildfire Studios has been Urban Connection (urbanconnection.com) serving the homeless on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, California.


Messenger Media announces the beginning of the SHOWThemGod! Campaign. The project focuses on gaining support for dispelling the myth Hollywood portrays of Christians always being untrustworthy, psychologically-damaged hypocrites who never do what the Gospel proclaims. Supporters make it possible for more films to be made that SHOW what God is actually doing through the labor of missionaries to help the people of the world. These films remove the claim that Christians simply talk about the love of God, but do little to nothing to prove his love.

Messenger Media Announces Plans to Freely Promote the Work of Missionaries

Messenger Media, Inc. (MMI) a Christian, 501 (c) (3) non-profit, public relations ministry has announced its plan to provide free promotional services to Christian missionaries.

The idea is to display the work of missionaries, so all people may see what God is doing in the world today, and missionaries may thus find greater support.

The principals of Messenger Media have over 20 years of experience in communications, advertising & public relations for government, private sector, non-profit, and Christian ministries, plus decades of parallel experience in pastoral ministries, missions, bookkeeping and ministry management.

Messenger Media sees itself as a “missionary to missionaries” and intends to solely spend its time helping to support the cause and needs of Christian missionaries. The MMI team is in place and awaiting enough capital support to continue its work. MMI will never charge missionaries for services. Instead, MMI asks the Christian community to aid the work with financial and prayer support. MMI is actively investigating a first round of fund raising. Please consider becoming a part of this everlasting work to show the work of the Church…what God is doing in the world today.